In the Window: Peter Rogiers

  • Introduction

    Galerie Thomas Schulte is pleased to announce its first project with the Belgian sculptor Peter Rogiers, presenting his latest work "Reclining Swamp Figure on a Calder Base (Sculpture for Berlin)" of 2007. This work was specially made for the gallery's show window on Charlottenstrasse. The presentation opens with a preview on Friday February 9, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

    Peter Rogiers' sculptures could on one hand be called masterfully executed works in the traditional sense of additive technique and relational manner, defining space through a dynamic combination of value, mass and line, while appearing expressively figurative with a strong abstract tendency.

    However, they willingly go beyond the achievement of creating a powerfully shaped, strong minded three dimensional work with representational qualities.

    Beginning with the titel, Rogiers concieously plays with a variety of allusions to history, psychology, standards of expression and high and low culture. In "Reclining Swamp Figure on a Calder Base" he balances the brightly colored abstract rendition of a classic comic-strip theme on the modern archetype of what could be seen as a typical base to an Alexander Calder mobile. This contrast is further underlined by the roughly treated surface of this work. The message is strongly determined and self reflective; at the same time as Rogiers finds and defines his own image in his own time he ironically confronts it with the formal languages that leed up to it, while mastering the task of perfect sculptural balance.


    This is the first exhibition of Peter Rogiers in Berlin. The artist was born in 1967 in Antwerp and lives and works close to Leuven, Belgium.

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