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    Galerie Thomas Schulte is pleased to announce the online film exhibition Shelter in Place, curated by two artists of the gallery, David Hartt and Julian Irlinger. The films are presented in our online Viewing Room in weekly screenings with subthemes, each Monday for 24 hours, starting at 5pm (GMT+2). The program concludes with the final screening on 13 July.

    Architecture’s relationship with cinema was established with the very first motion picture. In La Sortie de l’Usine Lumiere de Lyon (1895) by Auguste and Louis Lumiere we see a didactic presentation of the film’s title as workers from the Lumiere brothers factory stream forth from it’s interior at day’s end. In many ways the context of the film is its subject as well.

    Moving images have gone from the architecture of cinema, to the mediation of the domestic interior through television to the nomadic derive of mobile devices. It’s evolution follows the increased mobility that globalization enabled and imposed on society. This evolution does not however illustrate an increase of independence from the built environment and the motion picture did not abandon cinema’s architecture, despite a mobile device’s ability to be connected anywhere.

    This logic relates to the fusion of built infrastructures and social superstructures that stretch along the routes of culture. The Covid-19 Pandemic has restricted mobility and what this will mean to a globalized society remains uncertain, but no matter if national borders are largely shut and cinemas remain closed, the network is still active. Shelter in Place offers a selection of films investigating the link between the moving image and our built environment, works that question the pathologies of networked space and our ability to act within it.

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