ALFREDO JAAR / Ennetbaden, Switzerland

Installation / public space

Alfredo Jaar’s neon installation between the hot springs and the Limmat River addresses the profound processes of change in the spa town. As part of the exhibition cycle Vom Baden lernen, curators Isabelle Meiffert and Mirko Winkel invited the exceptional artist to exhibit in the public space in proximity to the 21 hot thermal springs in Baden and Ennetbaden, Switzerland. Already used by the Romans and until modern times, they lost their importance in the 20th century. In 2021, on the initiative of the local population, several pools were built on both sides of the river, into which the 47°C hot spring water flows permanently. They are open to the public free of charge and have established a completely new bathing practice, although it follows a specific local tradition that has been practiced in open public baths for many centuries.

15 December 2022 to 27 February 2023